Silver Age Labs was founded by David Garry, who holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Lehigh University. David spent several years in the semiconductor industry, based in Taiwan, where he served customers in China, South Korea and Singapore. He has a young daughter in Taiwan. Mr. Garry also has 15 years experience in engineering software, serving the natural gas and water utility industries. David acquired MRSA in 2009, and after being disillusioned with the care he was getting from infectious disease specialists, started researching on his own, when he discovered colloidal silver as well as other simple, effective and natural remedies.

David became fascinated with turn of the last century technology, an era of true scientific discovery before it became all about money, power, and control. He will never work for Big Pharma as many of his ex-academic colleagues do. He will also tell you chemicals should be used for industrial purposes only, not to be put on or in your body. He left his corporate job in 2020 and officially launched Silver Age Labs in 2021.

Silver Age Labs products are made in small, closed-system batches using carefully controlled current, reverse polarity, and constant agitation. Every batch is engineered with good intentions and takes several hours to complete – the process cannot be rushed! Water purity at the start of the process is of utmost importance. Double distilled water is used with levels of impurities well below 1 ppm, along with 99.99% pure silver rods. The final product is filtered using laboratory-grade filter paper.

Every batch gets David’s personal attention and good intentions. Our goal is to make great products at affordable prices.