“I wanted to thank you for the great product.  I bought a quart of your “Colloidal & Ionic Silver” 3 weeks ago, I came home and sat it on the kitchen table. The next morning I had to go to an all day family get together. When my husband and I woke the morning after the family gathering we had scratchy throats. I immediately started the silver. It was still on the table and handy.  My husband waited about a day and a half later to begin using it.  My sore throat, and cough were over in about three days.  My husband’s took a week.  The nice part was that even when the cold should have been at it’s worst, it never got that bad. My advice is keep the “Colloidal & Ionic Silver” handy, start it early when you are catching something, and use it for prevention during the winter months.  I definitely am and my husband is a believer too. I just bought my second quart.  I won’t be without it.” – Monica C., Mechanicsburg PA

“I tried Silver Age Labs’ Colloidal & Ionic Silver for the first time because I had a scratchy throat and didn’t feel well, and felt better after a few days.” – Gary S., Chambersburg PA

“I was very sick for 3 or 4 days, and not getting better. I obtained some Colloidal & Ionic Silver from Silver Age Labs. I took it internally, nebulized it and used the nasal spray. After my first big 4 oz. dose, spray, and nebulizer session it quickly took the sinus pressure out of my head and the aches out of my bones, and I was finally able to sleep. When I woke up 7 hours later I was 80% better. After a few more doses I was free of all symptoms within a day except for some lingering sinus drainage, which was clear. I now use the nasal spray every few days for maintenance.” – Jane Q., Lewisberry PA

“My donkey had gotten ‘seedy toe’, which is a fungus that puts holes in their hooves. I treated it with Silver Age Labs Colloidal & Ionic Silver. I held his hoof upside down with one hand and dropped the silver into the hoof with the other. I held it in this position for a few minutes to let the medicine work. Then I drained it, packed the affected area with cotton and kept it in place with duct tape. I did this once a day for two days in a row, and he was no longer lame. The problem did not return.” – Cynthia J., Dillsburg PA

“I have a 14-year-old miniature pincher named Cookie that was diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease in May. Shortly after her diagnosis, she started getting ruptures on her skin that was later determined to be calcinosis cutis. She had lesions on the top of her head, her cheeks, under her chin, down the back of her neck. Her underbelly and armpits were literally raw oozing sores. We took her to a regular vet that gave us medicated shampoo, which did nothing for two weeks, bathing her every day (which she hated – it probably burned).

Then we took her to a holistic vet, who gave us ligands, adrenal harmony, melatonin, s-Adenosyl methionine, and a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory/anti-itch injection. Cookie could not have steroids because her cortisol levels were so high due to the Cushing’s. Nothing helped.

After trying everything modern veterinary medicine could offer and spending close to $2000, we contemplated having Cookie put to sleep to end her suffering. In August, we got Silver Age Labs Colloidal & Ionic Silver, mixed it with bentonite clay to make a clay pack in order to draw the calcium deposits out of the skin, then used their silver healing gel. Within a week we started to see noticeable improvement. In less than a month all the sores were closed and healed. As David suggested, we also added raw grass-fed butter to her diet to direct the calcium to her bones and teeth instead of her skin, and no new lesions appeared. Cookie was acting like her old self again! Within 6 weeks most of the hair had grown back to the point where the allopathic vet was amazed – absolutely dumbfounded – and twice made comments that she could not believe how quickly the dog had healed, and her fur was back and full.  Most dogs take months and months of standard treatment to only show marginal improvement. She could not get over how good Cookie’s skin and fur looked.” – Rochelle S., Highspire PA

“”I got Covid – they said I was positive. This is supposedly the 2nd time I’ve had it. It started with a sinus infection and drainage (which is not a symptom of Covid, omicron maybe?), No cough. No fever. Just general malaise and lack of energy. But they said I was positive. Started taking the silver nasal spray from Silver Age Labs and drinking it, holding it under the tongue. I felt better after two days. Just a little bit of sinus issues lingering. I kept using the nasal spray 3x a day and drinking it,  and had just a  little bit of sinus drainage after that. By the 3rd day I felt awesome.” – James S., Highspire PA

“Hi David! I am reaping wonderful benefits with  the Silver Healing Gel. My hands are always dry, but in the winter become so dry that they are bloody. My hands were instantly better the first time I rubbed the gel into them. With continued use, 2 times a day for 5 days my skin has become normal. Praise God! So now I’m also using it on my face. My age spots are fading, and the rough patches are no longer rough. Thank you!” – Rosie T. , Shermansdale PA

“I have 2 personal testimonials of how the Silver Age Labs colloidal silver kept me healthy…

  1. Early August, 2021, I started getting a slight sore throat, very mild fever and felt feel slightly “less than 100%”.  I had already been taking the silver daily for a few months so I had a pretty good build-up in my system. Didn’t think anything of it and continued to take the silver every day.   A few days later, everything tapered off.  It was around this time when my wife (who was not taking silver) got full-blown sick (based on the symptoms of no taste or smell, we are thinking it was COVID).  This seemed to linger for a couple of weeks.
  2. Fall of 2021- After loading up on silver internally, my band went on a full US tour for 40 days with 2 other bands, drove 13K miles, stopped in almost 30 hotels, many truck stops and had hundreds of interactions with fans (no masks/ social distancing) and no COVID or illness at all. 

I am a firm believer that the silver has kept me healthy and also kept COVID at bay. ” – Gordon T., York PA

“I had covid pneumonia for over a week, my wife did too at the same time. I was tired and my lungs were tight, with a dry cough. Doctor said there’s nothing I can take besides tylenol, drink water and rest. I have a nebulizer, I had albuterol which did ok, but I got the jitters… when i put the silver from Silver Age Labs in the nebulizer I did not get the jitters. It was a very calm feeling. I was really impressed. I also put it under my tongue as per the instructions a couple of times a day and I got better and better each day.” It took a week to fully recover.

My wife did not use the silver, and her conditioning worsening. Her breathing got worse. A nurse come to the house, and said you both should go to the hospital. She said we had a 12 hour wait to be seen in the hospital. They checked me and said I was ok. A couple of hours later, the nurse came back said you are terrible, called 911 and took an ambulance to her to the hospital. She would not have lasted another day. She spent 4 days in the hospital, and during that time I was back at 90%. I’m a believer now.”- Todd P., Middletown PA

“I was sick for about a week before I gave in and went to a hospital because I couldn’t breathe. Had a cough that got worse, wheezing. Urgent care told me to go to a hospital. No doctors would answer the phone. I didn’t want to go but I went. I had covid pnemonia. They put me on remdesivir for 5 days. It was nearly useless. A steroid helped clear my lungs a little bit. I was on oxygen. They said when we reduce your oxygen you can leave. I did their treatment for a week with no results. I had a water bottle that that was aspirating oxygen into my nose. I poured a few ounces of Silver Age Labs silver in the bottle, and also drank 4 oz a day. I did that for a few days in a row. Within 3 days I felt much better. They took the oxygen mask off me. Then I did my treatment for a week and I got out that week. I was hearing people were in the hospital for a month. Later on, the doctor informed me that they had done everything they could for me and thought I was a goner (he seemed old school and was interested in learning more about colloidal silver when I told him what I had done). Silver Age Labs products saved me.” – Larry H., Phoenixville PA